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Order and Disorder: The Basics


‘The Basics’ has been a two day course covering electrophysiologic principles, review of basic arrhythmias, 12 Lead EKG principles, indications for electrophysiologic testing, the basic steps of an EP study, and syncope. The intended audience for this course is staff who have worked in electrophysiology labs or industry for less than one year or those who want a solid review or foundation in basic electrophysiology.

The program has been offered as a 2 day conference for 20 years and is being converted now to a self-study format to provide greater flexibility for learners. The self-learning program is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 material coincides with material that was presented in Day 1 of the course, following the EKG for EP book. Part 2 coincides with material from the book The Basics.

The self-study course book material includes content from each original book plus course objectives and extra explanation for difficult concepts. At the end of the material is a post-test relating to the material. An answer form is also provided for the learner to record their answers to the questions. The answer form may be faxed or mailed in. Each participant must achieve a 70% score on the questions to receive continuing education credit. Three chances at the test are allowed.


Upon completion of this program the learner will be able to…

1. Recall fundamentals of basic electrophysiology, including cellular physiology, anatomy and physiology of the conduction system and mechanisms of arrhythmias.
2. Calculate axis and identify bundle branch block on a 12-lead EKG.
3. State the types of EP studies and the objectives of each.
4. Be familiar with the indications for EP testing and the common clinical scenarios meeting these criteria.
5. Discuss the various responses to Head-up Tilt Testing.
6. State a systemic approach to interpreting electrograms.

Part 1

Part 2